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A recent test conducted by a pineapple exporter from Costa Rica has demonstrated the significant benefits of using a OTFlow in their containers. The exporter, who was looking to explore ways to improve the quality of their shipments, used airflow simulation software for reefers to calculate the potential benefits of using OTFlows in their containers. The results of the simulation perfectly aligned with the outcomes of the physical test, which showed that the containers with OTFlows had improved average temperatures by 67% compared to the control group.

In addition to the improved temperature control, the physical test also showed that the total time of transit during which the fruit was exposed to harmful temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius was reduced by 61% in the containers with OTFlows. This was a significant improvement, and demonstrated the ability of OTFlows to protect the fruit from temperature fluctuations during transportation.

The test was well-received by fruit importers, who saw the potential benefits of using OTFlows for their own shipments. "I was impressed by the results of the test," said one importer. "The pineapples arrived in excellent condition, and the improved temperature control was clearly evident." Another importer added, "Using OTFlows in our own containers would definitely be worth considering. The improved freshness and quality of the fruit would be a huge benefit for our customers." A third importer commented, "OTFlows are a great innovation for the fruit shipping industry. I would definitely be interested in using them for our own shipments."

Overall, the test conducted by the pineapple exporter from Costa Rica has demonstrated the clear benefits

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