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Airflow simulation software for reefer containers can benefit the fruit shipping industry by providing a way to optimize the cooling process and extend the shelf life of perishable goods. By simulating the flow of air inside a reefer container, the software can help users to identify potential areas of airflow disruption or inefficiency.

This can enable users to make adjustments to the layout of the container or the placement of the fruit, in order to improve the circulation of cool air and prevent spoilage. Using airflow simulation software can help to reduce the amount of energy needed for cooling, and ensure that the fruit arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

Reduce Food Waste Around The World

Still 5 to 8% of fresh food loses it's value during shipping. Mainly caused by lack of temperature management tools.

Improve The Cold Chain Industry

The cold chain industry is expanding each year, due to global warming. More insights are needed how to do ship most efficient.

Help Companies Innovate

Most companies struggle to roll out their innovation programs. Airflow Studio is here to help you innovate. Fast, easy and effective.

Less Money Loss During Shipping

By learning from our digital model, our customers find (often easy and quick) solutions to have less losses during shipping.

what customers say

"It is a great tool that clearly showed what we have been doing wrong this whole time."

Tech company from Leeuwarden - The Netherlands

Normal airflow

The air cooling should circulate throughout the entire container. Unfortunately, the internal airflow is not that effective. Resulting in a 'Hot Spot' that loweres the quality of your cargo, often paired with great (financial) losses.

Improved airflow

By learning how to influence the flow of air you can gain back control over the temperature distribution. This could mean you need to change your loading method, your packaging, your reefer settings or use other ways to influence the airflow for an improved temperature distribution.

Your shipment, digitalised

We will help you adjust all parameters to your exact situation.

Example of a configuration:

Fruit Type




Early crop?



Caldera (CR)


Rotterdam (NL)

Transit time

18 days on avarage

Expected delay?

15% chance

CO2 index

3,453 Kg.

Temp above 30C+

3 of 18 days

Temp above 25C+

7 of 18 days

Set temperature

7º Celsius

Ideal storage temp

7º - 10º Celsius

Ideal humidity

90% humidity

Damaging temp

Above 10º Celsius

Pallet size

100 x 120 cm

Stowing method

Method B

Fruit box type

Pineapple box C


High Cube, 40 Ft. 



Reefer settings

Custom settings

Optimizing airflow, perfecting freshness

airflow simulation software for reefer containers

Airflow simulation software, such as Airflow Studio, is a type of computer program that is used to model and predict the flow of air in a given space. The software uses mathematical algorithms and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques to simulate the movement of air in a virtual environment. 

This can help the shipping industry to better understand how air will behave in a particular space, and make predictions about factors such as temperature, pressure, and velocity. The software allows users to input variables such as the shape and size of the space, the type and speed of the air flow, and any obstacles or other objects that may be present.

The program then uses this information to generate a simulation of the airflow, which can be viewed and analyzed by our customers.

Getting Started

You are 3 steps away from improving your shipments.

Step 1: Apply for a project

Use the form to apply for our simulation model. With limited slots available in this first phase, please check the available slots on the application page.

Step 2: We visualise and analyse your digital setup

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Step 3: Get the report and learn how to improve

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